Permanence Médico-Chirurgicale de Chantepoulet



ECG – Exercise testing – Echocardiography

  • Dr TAMM Christian, spéc. FMH – Medical Consultant at the University Hospitals of Geneva

General surgery

  • Dr KONSTANTINIDIS Philippe, spéc. FMH

Gynecology – Obstetrics

Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine – Medical Oncology – Gynecological Consultations – Fetal Medicine and Ultrasound

  • Dr ABIHANNA Francis, spéc. FMH

Medical Imaging

Conventional radiography – Ultrasound

General Internal Medicine & Family Medicine

Consultations – Check-up

  • Dr BARMONT Alain, spéc. FMH
  • Dre MOURSLI-GOUAL Fouzia, spéc. FMH
  • Dr GUILLEN José Antonio, spec. FMH

Medical practitioners

  • DEBETAZ Maria, med. practitioner
  • Dre SCHROEDER Katrin, med. practitioner and FMH member
  • Dr SCHROEDER Michael, med. practitioner and FMH member

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Osteopathy & Manual medicine

  • Dr BARMONT Alain, spéc. FMH



  • Dr COHEN Yves, spéc. FMH

Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology

Poisoning & Intoxication – counselling in pharmacotherapy


Prenatal visit – Neonatology – lactation consultant – Psycho perinatology – paediatric preventive care (following official guidelines of the Suisse society of paediatrics) – Paediatric emergency care – High altitude medicine – Vaccinology – Check-up – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – Management of childhood obesity

  • Dr. SEIZ Alexander, paediatrician FMH



Individual, couples and families – Crisis Intervention – Medical Hypnosis


Medical and surgical emergencies

Emergency and urgent care for infants, children and adolescents