• 25 FEB 13
    Our priority

    Our priority

    Our priority is your health. The new Permanence Medical de Chantepoulet combines 76 years of experience serving your health needs and requirements with an entirely modernised infrastructure. Every day, Monday through Saturday from 8:00 to 02:00 and Sunday and during holidays from 10:00 to 20:00, our medical team comprised of experienced and well-regarded practitioners, offers an optimal quality of care while minimising your waiting times. In their specialty, all physicians are trained in the most modern therapeutic practices, have access to advanced and modern equipment. Our team is here to help. Your health is our priority.

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    • Organisation

      Nous disposons d’une organisation qui vous assure une prise en charge rapide et conforme aux standards de qualité.

    • Notre priorité

      Notre priorité : votre santé. Plus de 80 ans d’expérience au service de votre santé avec une infrastructure totale­ment modernisée.

    • Chartern

      Anerkannt als Gesundheitsinstitution im Sinne des Genfer und Schweizer Rechts.

    • Objectifs

      Accueillir toute personne, sans restriction de provenance ou d’appartenance et quel que soit sa maladie ou son traumatisme.


  • Obtenir des résultats probants pour nos patients, grâce à des mesures opérationnelles de gestion optimale.

  • Achieve positive therapy results for our patients, on the basis of recognized operational practices and management.

  • Our values are founded on a long-lasting tradition and form part of our philosophy of care: Listen, availability and respecting.

  • We welcome and treat every patient, without restriction or prejudice, with whatever illness, ailment or injury